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Today 8th city of France, Montpellier continues its vertiginous development... Montpellier is young, considering its population, in particular there is a large number of students present here. Entertainment, festivals and the frank good humour of the south contribute to the construction of unforgettable memories. As for the city, the facilities have increased in recent years, and urbanism and architecture are strongly turned to a thought-out modernism. The existence of the largest pedestrian centre of France and urban requirements in terms of sustainable development are showing it. All this results in a beautiful harmony and the old buildings in the centre, many of them dating back to the Middle Ages, live side by side with the most modern architectural achievements, some of which are signed by the greatest names of architecture. The dynamism is also cultural, and the number of festivals and events taking place in Montpellier is simply breathtaking. But don’t panic! Petit Futé is there to guide you through the mass of what to see and do. Montpellier is also and especially the sun, which shines here with insolence (more than 300 days of sunshine per year), and the sea close by. Everything is there to help you spend pleasant holidays, and you can easily enjoy the city and bathe in the same day. Inland getaways will also delight lovers of wild and preserved nature, because, whether towards Camargue, the stretches of Languedoc vineyards or the foothills of the Cévennes, we are very quickly out of Montpellier and into the magic of the landscapes. Enjoy your reading! To read more, download this Petit Futé Guide for free
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